Friday, April 8, 2011

Blender: comparable to Magic Bullet +

A couple of years ago, I found one of these blenders for $19.99, however  that was using additional coupons and really working the system.  This one is by Bella Cucina instead of the popular infomercial darling Magic Bullet.  They work the same as the Magic Bullet and is sometimes less than half the price!  You don't get the recipe booklet, but you can get some of those by clicking here or just by googling Magic Bullet Recipes.  That turns up a ton of options and maybe even some things that you wouldn't find in their book because it's individuals that have come up with their own.

Plus, I like that it's silver and black without all of the multiple tacky colors.  You can see more details below.  There are reviews on the site, which are helpful.  Someone said that they were unable to carry it with them because of leakage.  (I've not tried that myself because I use an insulated cup by Contigo (I'll place a link below) that I carry EVERYWHERE.  It actually drives people crazy because I do carry it everywhere with me.  It holds ice for way over 12 hours!  I've even left it in the car during hot Tennessee Titans games, returned to the car and still had a cold drink - with fizz - waiting for me.  Really good after those hot walks and on long car trips and apparently when you have to be outdoors in the cold and want to keep a hot drink hot!!  I know the price seems ridiculous...I mean who would pay that for a cup?  But after you use it, you'll understand that it's well worth that price! 

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