Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cell Phone - Data Charges

I don't even have the data option on my phone.  Doubt that I will, but never say never.  Everytime someone sees my older phone, they tell me how much they miss that phone.  I keep wondering why they ever gave it up as they scowl at their fancier phone.  The times that I've gone to search anything out on a Blackberry, I've either run into dead ends - because of mobile only sites or it's just taken way too long.  It does annoy those looking things up on a "fancy phone" when I get it back so much faster.

For a long while now, I've been using the FREE service, Google SMS Messaging.  I can send them a message and they send my answer back rather quickly.  There have been rare occasions where it hasn't come back within a minute or two and I've sent again, only to end up getting multiple messages.  I figure the first one just went through during a busy time.  I've also been known to Google SMS when I've had my laptop right in front of me.

Instead of trying to memorize all of their options (click here), do yourself a favor and print off a small sheet that you can carry in your wallet or purse.  I've gotten to where I use certain commands more often than others so it's rare that I look at that little piece of paper, but it's still good to have there. 

I've used just about every code at least once now, but the one I've used most frequently has been for phone number/address and direction look-ups when I'm trying to find out the location of a business.  That was especially good for when I was visiting my Grandmother and didn't know where a lot of things were in the area and didn't have internet capability.  One problem with that was when a business had closed and the news hadn't gotten to Google yet.  But those are rare. 

I also use "Price" a lot when I'm looking for a particular book or in the case of this weekend when I picked up a second-hand portable printer (scored for $6.00! - Original price was $199.99-$299.99) and I needed to get an ink cartridge.  Note, they will send you several texts about the same item but usually with the 1/3, 2/3...etc at the first so you'll know how many to expect.  It does get annoying when you get your answer with the first message.  But in the case of this one, it was a good thing because the first price was $29.99 and then in the second message, it told me that Amazon had the cartridge for $9.99.  Make sure you're specific about the item you want the price for.

They do change the commands every now and then, like they have recently on Sports Scores so you may want to check in every now and then or you can also text them with "Sports Help" and they'll text you back.  I have a preset message for "Score Tennessee Titans" in my phone just so I don't have to type all of that when I'm away and can't get a score.

Best thing of all, it's a free service and saves me $20.00 a month!  (Based on the current fee charged by my provider.)

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